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Aims and Objectives

Kalajyoti aims at promoting, preserving, spreading and developing Indian Classical Traditional Dance and all performing art form.

To promote research oriented Dance items and choreographies, adhering to the pure authentic style but with an interesting approach and presentation – to create interest of audience in ancient classical and traditional performing Arts, in today’s world.

Kalajyoti aims at creating a motivation amongst the youngsters to exchange and learn the values of life, through the practice of these ancient cultures of India through yearly Cultural Fest.

To build up sensitive, dedicated and a complete performer - through regular intensive training of Dance - Indian Literature, mythology, poetry, Sanskrit, music, Rhythm, aesthetics, history of dance, philosophy, spiritual thought, dance theory, self grooming and all allied subject.

To encourage students from financially challenged society – by imparting free training, providing stipends, and by making way for taking up Indian traditional art and culture as profession.

To protect the interest of the Girl child in society who wishes to dedicate herself to performing art by counselling on subjects like minor marriage, and social abuse.

To build a self sufficient studio for documentation of the research based productions of Kalajyoti,

And create an audio-video library where students will be able to assess their own presentations with the help of their Guru, and gain motivation and knowledge from the Maestros through video presentations.

To produce dedicated and potential performers, researchers, Critics, Teachers and educated audience in the field of Indian Classical and traditional performing Art forms.