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Profile of Monalisa Ghosh 
(Performer, Guru and Choreographer)

Director, Kalajyoti

Contributions as a performer, choreographer, Guru , Social Activist and Preacher of Indian Spiritualism, Philosophy and traditional values since 1983.

Monalisa Ghosh is an eminent Indian classical dancer and a leading exponent of Odissi Dance groomed under Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra and Smt. Sanjukta Panigrahi. Involved since a child.

Performed in USA, UK, Scandanavia, Europe, Middle East, Bangladesh, Tajikistan - where   her dance has been widely acclaimed for classicism, lyricism and spiritual expression.Monalisa has performed all over India sharing stage with leading maestros, in prestigious dance festivals and conferences since 1983.

Social Activist

Monalisa’s  lecture – demonstrations  abroad – widely educated the western audience on the Meditational, philosophical, spiritual, aesthetical and therapeutic value of our Indian classical dance and specially  - in daily life.

Her research and findings on classical dance as a therapy has been published in Stuttgarter Zeitung, the German daily .She had conceptualized and conducted along with Mr. Aloi Hoffinger, Director, Jugend Still Theater, Vienna, in collaboration with the catholic church , a four days seminar emphasizing the need of performing art in enlightening the life of the handicapped, finding various methods of amalgamating these art forms in simple manner into daily life.